I grew up in Frederick County, Maryland. Took my first photograph, at age 14, of a rainbow on my dad’s late 1950’s rangefinder camera on Kodachrome 64. My second photograph was of bails of hay in a field. There was no looking back.

In 10th grade, my second year on the yearbook staff, I had become sports editor when the teacher/advisor seen a few do my photos one day and immediately moved me onto the coveted yearbook photo staff of which I was 1 of 3 photographers. I shot a lot of school life, and a whole lot of sports, basketball in particular.

After school I had some of my photos published for different things, but, I was still shooting for the love and passion of photography.

in 1980 my photography took a bit if a hit when the band i was in turned full time.  During this time the industry had mostly turned to digital. Even though I am a geek, I was devastated at the thought of NOT using film, until…

I started contract work for an institution that taught the Adobe products, web development, and other technologies. It was here that I met Phil Cohen, who taught me so much about video.. I fell in love.  To video, not Phil. I started shooting paying jobs in no time. Weddings and small commercial gigs.

This brought me full circle, back to my true passion. Photography… I’m back and I’m staying.